Who do you take after?

That’s always a question that the younger generation receives.

As a second-generation PADI professional, It’s too common to be compared to my dad in terms of teaching style and judgment calls. It’s an honor to be compared to one of the greats of the ’90s but that’s beside the point. More of those rants in future posts… 😀

The PADI Divemaster course not only teaches you the basics of becoming a PADI professional, but it also lets you absorb your instructor’s methods, capabilities, and persona.

I had the privilege of teaching these ladies to become PADI Divemasters in 2017.

When you ask a PADI Divemaster that question, you’re basically asking who that person took the course with.

Who we are as dive professionals would depend on who and how we were taught.

If you want to become a PADI Professional, choose an instructor that you want to be. A good instructor to choose is the one that would prepare you for the next level, not just the level that you signed up for.

Ivan is currently a PADI Master Instructor. He became a PADI Divemaster in 2005 and earned his PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor rating in 2008. After receiving his Master Instructor status in 2017, he is currently on a mission to become a PADI CD that does not dry up.
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